Monday, January 26, 2015

Dates&Nut Bar

On Instagram I got the request to post the recipe of my very yummy super healthy Nut-Bars.

I got the original recipe from my new cookbook "superfood kitchen" by Julie Morris but I edited it to my favor so I am able to give you the recipe.  (I won't post 1 to 1 recipes from cookbooks!)

Click below for the recipe!

note: this is not fructose-friendly!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

You are what you eat. The movie.

lately I studied a lot. I am very behind the matter. I have to catch up almost one month! But my interests are so huge and I bought a lot of new movies this month (and this month just started!). And I also got new books. I need to learn and read more.
One movie I watched was "you are what you eat" which is a very interesting movie. I read reviews of it and some said it´s a boring movie. But I thought it is so interesting. It´s basically about how your food nourishes you. The key point is you are what you eat. As easy as it sounds and we all know but we don´t live by it. We don´t nourish ourselves. I have family-member that love to eat, but they eat almost only proceeded food. The more proceeded the less medicine it is. A carrots, for instance, nutritional value is water, carbs, protein, fat, vitamin b1, b2, b6, e, e, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. On the other hand, the value of spaghetti is according to wikipedia: Pasta provides carbohydrate, along with some proteinirondietary fiberpotassium and B vitamins.[15]  This is actually not a lot and won't ever give your body everything one need. And some people eat pasta on a daily basic.
The movie really opened my eyes. We need to eat more raw and think about our food. We eat it, it is in our bellies, the food literally becomes us. We should take care of us, we should take care of our food. The movie was also about superfood which awaked my interest. And my hubby interests. We bought a book about superfood, I still need to read it.
Superfoods are food that have superpower. hah. No. It is food with lots and lots of vitamins, trace elements, secondary plant substances. See my example above. Superfoods have a better nutritional value than the food we normally eat. An apple a day and so on, but there is food that have way more vitamin c than an apple. What we eat counts! What we eat can make us either healthy or sick.
The movie was also about how the media tries to make us believe that vitamins are bad for you. That it would be more likely to die of too many vitamins than of too less. Which is totally wrong. Of course you can have an oversupply, but it is not as harmful as they want us to believe.
The movie was not all against medicine. It actually said we need medicine, but not as much as we take it. A flue is more likely to be cured with foods than with medicines.
You really should watch that movie, it is really mind blowing.

happy new year

I just noticed I haven't made a post in the new year yet!

Happy new year! New posts will follow soon!

Monday, December 29, 2014

die Grünen

myself 01/2015


A while ago I tried a recipe from Alicias Silverstones Book and I totally failed. Well actually I liked the cake, but my husband and my friend did´t liked that. The cake was very soya-tasty and they did´t liked the taste or weren't used to it..
I was scared to try another recipe from her book since the last one failed.
But I made a try and tried these Peanutbutter-Cups with chocolate. And they were like heaven on earth!
Not too sweet, not too peanut-ty. Great with the chocolate topping.

BUT I edited the recipe a little to be more fructose friendly, so here is mine